The HUB built to increase your chances of success.

It is hard and sometimes lonely to be an entrepreneur and innovation needs the correct environment to grow. With this in mind, we created a HUB for sharing, testing ideas and the correct amount of support to keep you motivated and on the path to success.


A global HUB that connects diverse experiences from different cultures.

Find financing opportunities

Find equity, debt and grant opportunities to fund your startup all in one place. Support on how to apply is also at hand.

Get access to a dynamic community of entrepreneurs to test ideas or answer questions in real-time

Bounce ideas and get real honest feedback from the community instead of your friends. Improve your product by leveraging on the power of the network.

Receive tips on tools that can help you structure your idea

We tried lots of tools and frameworks, so you don’t have to. Find new tools to help you manage, structure your thoughts and priorities.

Receive industry news and insights

Be the first to know about news of the industry directly from founders. Ask questions and validate your thesis.

Get invited to networking events

Events to help you grow your network specifically for founders.

Receive offers only available to our network on tools and services

Offers to make your cash go further with tools that you really need at reduced prices for startups.

Access Startup Venture Builder’s network of specialists and mentors

What entrepreneurs have to say?

"Getting access to world class mentorship is one of the most undervalued pieces to the startup puzzle."- Charlie Regis

"The team at Startup Venture Builder has been outstanding in supporting us in the development of an expansion strategy for our newly launched business model. Thanks to a demonstrated experience spanning across multiple fields, they are a great partner for every ambitious startup out there."- Ludovico Tessari, Unicorn Mobility

“The detailed &systematic approach adopted by SVB is  sure shot recipe for success.” - Amit Aggarwal, Amit Ventures

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